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The niche I occupy is three-fold: 1) write about stocks I like and 2) deep dive breakdowns of medical device companies 3) I do it with memes.

For writeups on stocks I like, they tend to be small/micro-caps and can be from any industry. I aim to find and write about 1 new company every month though these writeups may be updates on companies I have written about and still think are buys.

For the medical device company deep dives, I will merge qualitative/quantitative research and provide my perspective on the company as well as the stock. I want to produce quality research that all people can understand. Medical devices are complicated and there exists a lot of noise around the “next big thing”. I’m here to write about what legit and what’s not. Be prepared for memes spliced in between financial analysis and clinical research.

I also publish quarterly updates on my portfolio and occasional thoughts about investing when I feel it is needed.

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1 new stock I like each month, 1 deep dive on a medical device business/month, quarterly portfolio updates, and any spontaneous post I feel is necessary. All include my opinions as well as hours of research. All include memes.

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One new idea/one deep dive on a medical device company per month. Merging qualitative and quantitative research to bring a new view to investing.



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