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"the immovable object of problems: the status quo"


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nice effort. appreciate the balanced take, both the good and the bad. what is the source of Expert Transcripts from 2020 ? Are there more comments beyond the 3 cited? Thanks

the company has said that there is substantial increased utilization of those who adopt genesis versus legacy niobe which is a positive sign. Some of the decline in recurring revenue reflects the ending of several long term maintenance contracts and and some is attributable to reduced ablation procedures due to Covid headwinds. Also, new hospital adoptions have actually been pretty good (upgrades not so good). To me, new hospital adoptions is an important metric. I also think there is upside re China, mobile robot, and new markets. Execution in some regards has been lacking, some due to macro, but company def has not been good at forecasting and the catheter delay has been brutal.

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